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Misson & Vision

TGILF—The Great Indian Literary Festival is India’s only Regional Literature Festival that celebrates the true literature of India, regional literature. It provides a platform to revive the glorious legacy of Indian literature by providing a platform to discuss, debate and collaborate.

This unique platform aims at accentuating the role of literature in imbibing Nationalism, making India a stronger nation. 


Committed to the cause of Regional Literature, not only in India but overseas too, TGILF has initiated dialogues with various countries. It plans to provide a robust platform for writers and poets of the world to collaborate and create. 


After all, Lit is In.

The soul of a country lies in its small town and villages.  It is writing and stories from these obscure places, narrated in regional language or dialect that stand the test of time, reflecting the soul by mirroring its throb, challenges, and struggle.


Also, local and regional literature holds prominence in structuring and binding the society. No wonder, it played a great part during every freedom movement.


However, due to our faulty education policy, both, regional languages and literature have started to disappear.

TGILF is a platform for regional writers, poets and academicians to discuss, debate and collaborate. This platform also takes great pride in reviving Hindi Literature.





1. Regional literature with global ambition

2. Special focus on reviving Hindi Literature

3. Year-round activities to help students read right and write better

4. An ongoing aggressive online campaign promoting regional stalwarts.

4. Global collaborations



Launching Black & White, a chat show that grills writers, poets and artists like never before, probing their unknown side.


TGILF has launched 'A Step Here, A Mile There,' an
Indo-Hungarian Poetry Anthology featuring top Hungarian and Indian poets and artists. Truly, a collector's item.


TGILF takes its plan of integrating Nationalism with Literature to the second phase. It has signed up some influential Thought Leaders and Thinkers to guide the project. 
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