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Author of 4 national bestsellers—Flight of the Hilsa, Chapter 11, Love is Vodka-A Shot Ain’t Enough and Café Latte, his work has represented contemporary Indian Literature at the Frankfurt and Beijing Book Fair.


His fifth title, Uberlegen sets a new paradigm in storytelling. The poet in him has published 'Never Alone, Always Lonely.' A compilation of his 50 poems in a coffee table book format, it features top European and Indian artists, interpreting his work using photography and panting.  


Committed to the cause of regional literature and its promotion, he takes great pride in his literary roots and its supremacy. A nationalist, he believes literature goes a long way in defining society and its future. He also advocates building a stronger nation by using literature.


With an award-studded advertising career, his passion includes rock, blues, jazz, and coffee. A speaker at top management institutes and  Fortune 500 companies,  he is also the Founder of House of Lions, a brand consultancy.

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