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Feb 14, 2020

The Great Indian Literary Festival (TGILF) SUBURB, Gurgaon’s very own lifestyle and infotainment magazine and WeWork presented FOIL; Forum of Indian Literature.


This unique series will explore Literature like never before as it will focus on regional languages.


The maiden event was held on 14th February at

WeWork , Gurgaon. 

Love, Life, Light
Feb 14, 2021

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Love, life, light (1).png
Love, life, light (8).png

A global poetry event that had top poets from Romania, Srilanka, Philippines, USA, Italy, India, and UK.

This online poetry event had poets decipher the varied hues of Love.

Back to Basics
March 6, 2021


Reviving our ancient and glorious way of life, The Ashram Parampara, in this one-on-one session,

Dr. Pushkar Misra, Founder, Ashram Parampara, elucidated on the inherent need of bringing the lost tradition back. 

Dr. Divya Tanwar, Director, Sanskriti University, co-hosted the show along with Amit Shankar, Founder, TGILF.

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