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The enigma continues,

Even when they love…

No wonder they never fall,

They glide and rise,

Up there on the crimson sky,

With their hearts pinned there,

Special is the emotion so it is only fair,

Rising there,

Tripping here,

In our hearts,

Vowels that fail to make a start

Surrendering to your charm,

Mistaking the world to be your arms.

The pages flutter,

Of their hearts, their holy testament,

The sacred book,

Emotions penned using varied hues and shades,

The red screams,

The yellow so pale,

They express, smile, scream at times cry,

Dripping with love at times bone dry,

Fearless nevertheless, no inhibitions to guard,

No end to the story as there was never any start.

Each word, line, verse or the page

Dedicated to every single actor who essayed any role in their world, on their stage,

the first crush, the friend or

the stranger who faded into the oblivion without a trace,

Women will love forever,

even from thousands of miles away,

the words will reach you in the

most beautiful of ways.

When they finally leave,

to discover the road alone in love,

you will lay in your bed wondering,

which storms have left you thus.

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